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E2- 200g pack eel fillets

E2- 200g pack eel fillets


Hot smoked over beech and apple wood gives a delicious and succulant flavour. Best served at room temperature. (Remove from fridge 20 minutes before serving). Allow 50g per person.
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E5 - Whole smoked eel 400g

E5 - Whole smoked eel 400g


Whole eels are surprisingly easy to fillet and they come with clear and simple instructions. Serves approximatley 4 people.

All eels are subject to size availability.

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LT- 300g hot smoked side of trout

LT- 300g hot smoked side of trout


Hot-smoked sides of trout, richly flavoured and delicious. Trimmed and de-boned. Will serve 4 as a main course. May be warmed slightly before serving with new potatoes or simply flake over a salad.
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New Products

SN - 180g Smoked Almonds & Cashews


Selection of smoked Almond & Cashew Nuts
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Supplying Shops and Restaurants

We supply numerous top end shops and restaurants around the UK. We have a wholesale pricelist, which if you wish to browse please contact us by telephone (01458 250875) or by e-mail ( and a copy will be sent to you.

Our current wholesale customers include-

-The Ivy & The Ivy Club
-Le Caprice
-J Skeekey & J Sheekey Oyster Bar
-Fortnum and Mason
-Brooks Club
-Castle Hotel
-The Gilbert Scott